Friday, July 3, 2009

Another day, another bee colony saved!

On June 30th I got an urgent message from my friends at Turman Construction Co. that they had 'a bunch of bees' out behind the workshop. When I arrived expecting to hive a swarm, Darrel told me that the bees had actually been there for about a month! I knew I was in for a bigger job than I'd expected. The swarm of bees had found a PERFECT home inside some concrete forms that were heading to Parkersburg the next day. Darrel fired up the forklift and moved them to their own place. When we unstacked them & got to the one with the bees, we turned it over and found the most BEAUTIFUL comb & calm bees.

I very carefully cut the comb off at the top & put them into the swarm box. When I got home, I tied them into regular brood frames with twine and transferred them to a regular hive. I had just finished when Frank Warner called me & asked if I could bring some bees to his farm in Ohio. So...the bees will soon be at their new home.