Monday, December 29, 2008

Cabell Wayne Beekeepers November 10th, 2008 Meeting

THIRTY_SIX MEMBERS & GUESTS attended the meeting and good fellowship was had by all. Minutes & Treasurer’s Report were approved. One members renewed their dues: BILL & SANDY LINCOLN. THANKS to all you renewing members! John Porter brought his son, John Porter, Jr., who is the new Kanawha County Extension Agent. WELCOME, John! We also had several guests: John Gibson brought his lovely family: his wife, Tara and his two daughters, Evelynne & Adalynne. Steve Sweeney came form Ashland. And Andy & Yolanda Williamson brought their grandson, Skylor Simpson. THANKS FOR COMING TO VISIT — WE HOPE YOU ALL COME BACK AGAIN!!!

Our sympathy to Ernest Neace on the passing of his grandson. It was great to see Bob Huron, Fr. Joseph and Dwight Coburn back for a meeting. Gabe & Wade both talked about how light winter stores were because of the drought. Gabe & Dan put newspaper down above the brood chamber & poured sugar into the hives as an emergency feed. Wade recommended putting old political signs under your screened bottom boards. Gabe reported on the Fall Meeting of the WVBA at Jackson’s Mill. Dr. Jim Amrine demonstrated formic acid treatment for mites. The Spring Meeting is Mar. 28, 2009 in Fairmont. CWBA will host the Spring 2010 Meeting at Heritage Farm. Commissioner Gus Douglass was re-elected and gave credit to beekeepers for helping him.
Margaret Reid gave a review of the new movie ‘The Secret Life of Bees’ HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Wade told of a good trick he learned form George Clutter: if you have 1/4 inch of snow on your hives and see one that is clear on top, the bees are already up there eating their stores and will soon be starving.
Gabe demonstrated how to nail together frames with an air nailer. He then showed how to get the old wax off your queen excluders with an iron. Rhonna commented how great is was to see a man with an iron in his hand! Edna Baker said you can get wax off old frames by running them through the dishwasher with hot water.
Gabe presented the Jack Dick Award to Gary Strickland and both told wonderful stories about Jack.

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